Setting Quiet

Guardian of the Cove of the Drowned


Appearance: Three children in ruined clothes climb out of the water. Their faces are swollen and waterlogged, weakening their distinctions from one another. Each speaks in turn, and water spills from their lips with every word. The first, the largest, talks of what has happened. The second speaks of immediate matters. The third and youngest mentions the wants and needs of the spirit that have yet to be met. They claim in unison to be the master of this locus, the singular guardian of the Cove of the Drowned, and all who would seek its bounty must satisfy them.


Encounters: Azhar Abdullah led the pack to the Cove to see Quiet. Isaac reached out to touch one of the childforms, and found himself pulled underneath the surface, where the spirit told him to ‘change’. Something inside Isaac listened, and sent him into his FIrst Change.

Setting Quiet

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