Isaac Falkins


For the most part looks like a non-descript white male, average height, fairly thin. However, his eyes are sunken in a bit from too many nights over medical text books, myths and other strange occult text. There is a hunger in his eyes that borders on obsession… the wolf must know


Isaac was a fairly average medical student. He did well in his classes and exams, however he didn’t really stand out. Growing up he would get these flashes, moments really, where he could feel something was watching him. But he would always be able to rationalize it away or bury himself in his studies when he couldn’t. As such he kept to himself and while he made friends thru the years he wasn’t close enough to them that they stayed in touch, especially with the pressures of medical school.

During the last year of medical school, he caused a bizarre incident that he has difficulty recalling clearly. However, the school quietly hushed up the entire incident to protect their reputation, and found a reason to kick him out.

He spent the next couple of years working jobs here and there of questionable legality utilizing his medical knowledge. While spending the rest of his time researching what is happening to him, and why no one else seems to see it.

Isaac Falkins

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