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What are you hunting?

Werewolf: American Carnage tracks a new pack of the Forsaken as they struggle to find their place in a world ripping itself apart. Ranging from Detroit through the wilds of Michigan, the werewolves must face a human world threatening to collapse, and a spirit world circling it like vultures. Yet the blood of the Wolf and the light of the Moon keep them strong and ready to hunt the monsters that skulk through the shadows.

Character considerations: The People don't have many "true" bloodlines. While a few can boast ancient lineages of werewolf ancestors, most discover their true nature in times of incredible stress. An unlucky few survive a werewolf raging, and descend into lycanthropy the hard way. Player characters will be of these latter varieties.

Player considerations: 21 and over please. If you have reservations about gaming with people of color, women, or LGBTQIA+, you'll be happier at a different table.

Some themes and topics broached may be sensitive, and the GM can make no guarantees he's going to succeed in bringing them to the table painlessly, but he will try. Expect body horror, the specter of terrorism, and ham-fisted political commentary.

I aim to have a 4-6 hour session once each month, on a Saturday or Sunday determined 2-4 weeks in advance. The GM is based in Lakewood, WA, but is glad to be hosted as far north as Seattle.

Werewolf: American Carnage

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