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    • The Great Lakes Protectorate – A barely formal alliance of Forsaken packs scattered around the Great Lakes in the US and Canada. The closest thing to a leadership is a pack called the Far Flying Birds, who carry lore and artifacts from territory to territory. The Protectorate's primary purpose is fighting Pure encroachment, and even non-allied packs can expect assistance when fighting the Anshega.
    • Banques, MI – A tiny town near the tip of Northern Michigan where it meets the Upper Peninsula, along Hwy 31. Notable for its proximity to Hay Lake State Park, a hunting preserve and a favorite training ground for the state militia.

      • Cannibal's Cage – A decrepit cabin in the woods, unremarkable except for it housing lore gathered by the Lodge of the Wendigo, and occasional use as a meeting place by the Forsaken. The price of staying is maintenance of the cabin and staying out of warded areas.
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