Werewolf: American Carnage

Gathering the Pack

Hello! Here's some housekeeping while we nail down the start date. Reply here with anything that isn't sensitive, and introduce yourself when you are ready.

Central Casting and Showtimes

I'm still trying to wrangle you all into one means of communication. Let me know what works best. I prefer the use of email for out-of-character stuff, so maybe PM me with the email you want to use. I'll probably get myself set up with an Ascendant account, so we can have forums and the like, but I'm waiting until I can see this is a sustainable campaign.

For the meantime, reply here with your preferred times and dates. I'd like to try to get started the second weekend in June (10th or 11th), probably from noon to 4, noon to 6. We can discuss July here too. We might see something of a hiatus after September, so I'd like to see about scheduling an extra session somewhere before then, if it works for everyone.

Wolves at the Door

The chronicle begins shortly after the characters have been inducted into their chosen tribe (if any), and they are created normally, but if you wish to keep some Merit dots fluid for a session or two, that's fine. Their shared history doesn't extend much further than their First Change, but should include the following tidbits:

  • Marche Du Nain Rouge: The character was present at this recent Detroit tradition, which takes place at the end of March every year. The Nain Rouge, or "Red Dwarf", is a local legend tied to the founding of Detroit and a harbinger of historic catastrophes. The Marche is a parade where the Nain Rouge is mocked, ridiculed, and defeated in ceremony. 
  • A Very Bad Month: For a month or two before your character's First Change, life became excruciating. Something was very much off for them, whether it was emotional, physical, spiritual, or more nebulous. Their lives were inundated with dread, or anxiety, or hedonism, and they acted out in whatever way they thought would ease these impulses.
  • Amina Powell: During the Very Bad Month, a teenager calling herself Amina encountered the character, and was able to give them some clarity. She could somehow sense the character's state of distress, and tried to sell you some tale of werewolf gangs hunting for people like you. Maybe it made sense, maybe your character chased her off, but for whatever reason, she finally convinced them to come with her to a safe place in Northern Michigan. She explained that she was a fugitive from "the Pure", that they were involved in "some Satanic shit", and when she had the opportunity to bolt, she took it. She had knowledge of some other "tribes of the Moon", and figured they might be the safest haven. By following her, your character was eventually inducted into the Forsaken.

Whether or not any of this means your character is tied to Detroit is up to you, and much of what I have planned simply occurs in the city's orbit. If and when the pack establishes a territory, where will be up to them.

You'll also pick a Tell from the Wolf-Blooded section. This is lost at the First Change, but it's important to your character's story. 

The other monster lines of the Chronicles of Darkness may or may not exist as described, so you'll probably want to steer clear of them as part of backstory.

Kith and Kin 

The rulebook suggests a larger pack creation process, with troupe-style play where players create and play multiple characters. If you guys want to incorporate that, we will, but auxiliary characters will probably be introduced after the first one or two chapters.


If there's anything you'd like to discuss about the Chronicles of Darkness rules, werewolf mechanics, or character creation, now's a great time to bring up the topic. I like to look for places I can simplify things on my end of things, but not at the cost of some dimension you might enjoy as a player. If you build your character with a focus in a subsystem (Investigation, Chase, Social Maneuvering, etc), be sure to let me know explicitly, so I know to include those without being too opaque.

Werewolf: The Forsaken
A Primer

Status among the Forsaken revolves around two axes. The first, Auspice, is a gift from the Warden Moon, bestowed upon the night of the First Change. There are five Auspices, and each brings blessings and responsibilities.

  • Irraka, the New Moon: The stalker of the pack who moves unseen.
  • Ithaeur, the Crescent Moon: The mystic who maintains the pack's rituals and spirit ties.
  • Elodoth, the Half Moon: The counselor who keeps the peace, or breaks it.
  • Cahalith, the Gibbous Moon: The lorekeeper who inspires and terrifies.
  • Rahu, the Full Moon: The warrior who brings the hunt to its bloody end.

The second axis is Tribe. The Tribes are more faith than family, more creed than clan, and must always come second to one's pack. Each follows one of the Firstborn, the first of Wolf's children, and members must uphold their vows to these terrible patrons to hunt the Tribe's sacred prey.

  • Blood Talons: Warriors among warriors, the Blood Talons follow Fenris-Ur, and hunt the most dangerous prey: other werewolves.
  • Bone Shadows: Spirits are hungry, alien beings, and the Bone Shadows follow Kamduis-Ur's command to bring to each what they deserve.
  • Hunters In Darkness: The Hunters zealously guard their territory, and savagely attack any that would despoil it.
  • Iron Masters: The Iron Masters seek to uncover the next evolution, and hunt among the teeming masses of humanity.
  • Storm Lords: The Storm Lords seek to test themselves and prove themselves worthy of the Winter Wolf, even if it means dying.
  • Ghost Wolves: A few reject the Firstborn, preferring to hunt on their own terms, while a few others survive undiscovered by the Tribes of the Moon.

Whatever the Tribe or Auspice of a werewolf, the blessings and responsibilities they offer serve the pack. A pack may be only a handful of true Uratha, but it more likely also includes a few of the wolf-blooded, and occasionally mundane humans as well. These weaker packmates tend the territory and tie their bestial kin to the human world, while the stronger werewolves protect them and hunt threats.

And The Wolf Must Hunt. Werewolves inherited the duties of the fallen Urfarah, when the first of their kind slew the ancient god. The Great Wolf hunted those beasts and spirits who dared too far in the wrong direction, and the same undeniable urge to run down prey takes every werewolf, no matter how docile and serene they may seem.


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