Azhar Abdullah

Great Lakes Patriot


Appearance: Azhar’s style is Ruby Rose appropriating Evel Knievel. She wears her undercut hair back in a ponytail, and dresses in garishly patriotic biker gear. She’s lean and muscular, doesn’t slouch, and seemingly unfazeable. She rides a touring motorcycle that fits seamlessly with her brash look, a style she describes as “urban camouflage.”


Azhar rides with a pack called the Far Flying Birds. From what she has suggested, they don’t spend a lot of time with one another, but instead ride across the Great Lakes Protectorate coordinating activities among member packs and maintaining pacts with the ancient spirits of the region.

Azhar’s testimonial: “Maybe when we know each other a little better I’ll lay out my life story for you, but for now, I’m your den mother, and you my cubs. That does not mean I’m your mommy, and if I see you crying, I’ll ride you twice as hard and half as friendly. I swore an oath to Winter Wolf to be a self-contained bitch, and that’s the best thing I can teach you. And I’m the closest thing in the world to someone that cares, so if I end up shooting you or breaking something, be grateful, because I do it for you.”

Azhar Abdullah

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