Amina Powell

Sniffing out the noobz


Description: Amina has bright copper-colored eyes, kinky black hair, and a face angular and passive. She hides these as much as she can under a charcoal hoodie and a slouch, as she tries to remain unnoticed. When she wants to be seen, she straightens up and speaks loudly and with a practiced confidence. She is also clearly a youth, her opinions based more on theory than experience, because she keeps her actual experience to herself.

Testimony: Amina’s trying to build a pack of her own, staying one step ahead of “the Pure” she betrayed. She never saw her life taking this turn. A gifted student in a deteriorating school district, her family and teachers did everything they could to ensure her success. That came to an end when Amina witnessed a pack of werewolves bringing their prey to ground. Not only did the Lunacy take her, it left a little bit of the wolf in her when it faded. Her senses overwhelmed her, driving toward distraction, and when they drew her back into the path of the Uratha, they jumped her in.

Amina’s “tell” were her wolf senses, and in some ways , they surpassed her full-blooded “packmates”. They used her as a sentry, for the most part, but she also had a talent for identifying wolf-blooded, especially if they were nearing a Change. Once this became apparent, they began using her as a bloodhound.

She saw soon how savage her pack was, and how short her life promised to be. As she pieced together an out, she learned of the divisions that the People had carved between themselves, and that the “Forsaken” not only clung to less savage ideology, but that they were nearby as well. When she finally ran, she headed toward the nearest enemy territory she knew of.

The territory was mostly abandoned, but she followed the spoor her senses could pick up, and finally met the remaining member of the enemy pack, a man calling himself Jefferson. The others, he explained, had left to help another pack, leaving him to keep an eye on the territory. And if the Pure were being hunted, she should try to find them before her pursuers did.

The missing pack had gone to a lodge in Northern Michigan, a place with the unfortunate name of Cannibal’s Cage. Jefferson was told to go there if the territory was threatened, and suggested the same to Amina if she wanted to meet friendlies. With directions in hand, she planned her escape from Detroit, but was struck with the realization she was leaving behind others in the same danger she had been. She decided to give them a chance to save themselves and follow her to the Cage.

Amina Powell

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