Werewolf: American Carnage

Werewolf: The Forsaken

A Primer

Status among the Forsaken revolves around two axes. The first, Auspice, is a gift from the Warden Moon, bestowed upon the night of the First Change. There are five Auspices, and each brings blessings and responsibilities.

  • Irraka, the New Moon: The stalker of the pack who moves unseen.
  • Ithaeur, the Crescent Moon: The mystic who maintains the pack's rituals and spirit ties.
  • Elodoth, the Half Moon: The counselor who keeps the peace, or breaks it.
  • Cahalith, the Gibbous Moon: The lorekeeper who inspires and terrifies.
  • Rahu, the Full Moon: The warrior who brings the hunt to its bloody end.

The second axis is Tribe. The Tribes are more faith than family, more creed than clan, and must always come second to one's pack. Each follows one of the Firstborn, the first of Wolf's children, and members must uphold their vows to these terrible patrons to hunt the Tribe's sacred prey.

  • Blood Talons: Warriors among warriors, the Blood Talons follow Fenris-Ur, and hunt the most dangerous prey: other werewolves.
  • Bone Shadows: Spirits are hungry, alien beings, and the Bone Shadows follow Kamduis-Ur's command to bring to each what they deserve.
  • Hunters In Darkness: The Hunters zealously guard their territory, and savagely attack any that would despoil it.
  • Iron Masters: The Iron Masters seek to uncover the next evolution, and hunt among the teeming masses of humanity.
  • Storm Lords: The Storm Lords seek to test themselves and prove themselves worthy of the Winter Wolf, even if it means dying.
  • Ghost Wolves: A few reject the Firstborn, preferring to hunt on their own terms, while a few others survive undiscovered by the Tribes of the Moon.

Whatever the Tribe or Auspice of a werewolf, the blessings and responsibilities they offer serve the pack. A pack may be only a handful of true Uratha, but it more likely also includes a few of the wolf-blooded, and occasionally mundane humans as well. These weaker packmates tend the territory and tie their bestial kin to the human world, while the stronger werewolves protect them and hunt threats.

And The Wolf Must Hunt. Werewolves inherited the duties of the fallen Urfarah, when the first of their kind slew the ancient god. The Great Wolf hunted those beasts and spirits who dared too far in the wrong direction, and the same undeniable urge to run down prey takes every werewolf, no matter how docile and serene they may seem.


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