Werewolf: American Carnage

Skinny-ass Recap
Part Eight

This Recap Has a High Metabolic Burn Rate, It Is, After All, About Apex Predators

Chadsey-Condon, Detroit – Mid-May, Gibbous Moon

The pack discussed their prey, and settled on a spirit of earth-moving equipment. They piled out of the model subway station, on to the streets, hoping to find their prey at the construction site at the other end of Machinist Park. Alas, it was a water-filled pit, with some partially submerged scaffolding bridging the floating trash. The silver lining though was that this was a Locus, convenient to the neighborhood and the pack. The pack surmised this was the center of the water riots Jefferson had mentioned earlier that day. Across the pit was an exposed water main. With the use of a Gift, the spirit of the water grid was roused long enough to suggest a site in the industrial zone to the West of the park.

The site was more or less where the spirit had thought. Two factory buildings, late of the Packard company, were being cleared out of decades of debris and repaired on behalf of a company called Hi.WAV. As they had come long after regular construction hours, only two security personnel seemed present. With a few deft moves and hide-and-seek with the guards, the pack found a bulldozer spirit. It had a humanoid form, perhaps more like a gorilla's, weathered and orange, with massive hands and shovel-like claws. Informed that it had been chosen as prey, the pack offered it gathra in the form of pleasingly resonant Essence, if it would clear Never Light's tunnel. The Ensih agreed, and the pack returned to the Locus to obtain the promised Essence.

The promise seemed a bit harder to fulfill immediately, and the Ensih wandered back to its site to await the gift. Isaac struggled to transmute the locus' Essence to something palatable for the spirit. Not only was his labor frustrated by its difficulty, but an angry water spirit made its self known, and probed the ithaeur's intentions towards its territory. Its brood circled the periphery of Isaac's vision. Neither spirit nor wolf saw an immediate need to fight, but the tension did not dissipate with the spirits into the ether. After Isaac exhausted himself, he rejoined JT standing watch, and called it a night.

The next day, the pack decided to more information gathering. JT returned to the work site, this time in human form and as an applicant. He was given a tour of the buildings, and told about the company, which was entering the business of automated, self-driving cars. After the interview, he returned to the area around the park, and explored the residential neighborhoods. The homes deteriorated the further he got from the main thoroughfare, scarred by neglect and fire damage and grafitti, until he found himself at a small park built around a massive tree. In the Hisil, it stood even taller, silent and looming, its trunk stained with blood. 

Mapping the neighborhood:

  • Central: Machinist Park, with the Power Substation/Model Subway Station to the North and the flooded construction pit/Locus to the South.

  • West: Industrial buildings and warehouses (mostly empty remnants of the area's auto manufacturing), the Hi.WAV renovation site; Dearborn city limits. The Shadow here is sparsely populated along the avenues, but the buildings may hold secrets.

  • East: Multiple housing tracts built during the city's heyday, now blighted, Detroit's downtown neighborhoods, the neighborhood's retail core. In the Shadow, this area's skies are underlit with fire light. Further this direction leads to downtown Detroit.

  • South: the rail yard where Never Light's tunnel exits; more industrial and residential neighborhoods, the Detroit River.

  • North: More industrial and commercially zoned neighborhoods. Most of Detroit's area is north of the territory.

A New Career In A New Town
Part Seven


Detroit – Gibbous Moon

The pack returns to the Motor City, changed, longing for their homes. One by one, they find their beds for the night, and settle in. Isaac falls to sleep, to find himself dreaming the same dream since that night on the lake when he took his vow to Kamduis-Ur, of a dim light lurking in the depths. Ky found a couch from a longtime friend, and a few bites to eat from the communal fridge. JT found his flamboyant ex sacked out across his (their couch), portending some new crimp in his life.

The next day saw them trying to fit back into the holes they left in their lives. JT sought peace with Janine and work to see him through, Ky to mend some social ties, and Isaac to find a connection between his dreams and Detroit's secrets. A text from Amina would bring them back together that evening; she wanted them to meet Jefferson, the wolf-blood who had told her where to find the Lodge of the Wendigo.

Jefferson waited for them at his barbershop, a 3-chair shop among a vital little cluster on Wayne St. He asked after his missing pack, but seemed resigned to their loss. He told them what he could about the situation in the city, particularly in his neighborhood. Spirits are infesting the Twilight, particularly water-spirits, but something is stirring in the ground too. The absence of the Briarwood Devils has left a vacuum, and stranger things are moving in. The Pure haven't yet noticed, but if the Shadow got out of hand, it could only be a matter of time.

Jefferson added that the Pure were up to their own schemes. The Black Death, a pack of Predator Kings, was active in north Detroit and sinking its claws into the drug trade. What the other packs were up to was not as clear. The few Forsaken Jefferson knew of laid low.

Isaac probed the question of underground spirits. He had been researching Detroit's subways, and exploring the area the one model station had been built, looking for answers. Jefferson confirmed that he was looking in the right place, but the tunnel had collapsed three years ago, during the "water crisis," when Detroit's poorer neighborhoods saw their water shut off due to nonpayment. A gang of protestors split open a water main to create a makeshift reservoir, and the flooding collapsed the tunnel that had been used for a century by urban explorers to find the ancient station. An electrical substation stood over the surface entrance to the station, which might still allow access, Jefferson offered.

Isaac had seen this station earlier in the day. With the sun still out and the question fresh on their mind, the pack went out find more information. The tunnel was indeed collapsed. Their adventure to the substation was much more fruitful, and with a little B&E, they found an inconvenient but effective ingress.

The station was cold and dark and musty. The platform stood between two tracks, one of which hosted a train of three cars. The pack picked through the station. Finally, Isaac opened his spirit-eyes, and found the sleeping form of the train's spirit, and awoke it with a gift. It opened its giant eye, and tore its cyclopean metal skeleton loose to welcome its rescuers.

The spirit called itself Never Light, and offered to serve as a totem for the pack, if they would free it from the prison the tunnel had become since the collapse. The pack discussed it, and decided the best course of action was to hunt a spirit capable of moving the earth, and wrest from it a promise to open a path for Never Light to allow it a way back into the wider world.

Amina's View of Detroit Werewolves

"Amina, I got a job for you. Write down what you know about the People in the city. Whatever you can think of. I need to know what you know, and it's not a bad idea for these guys to know either." – Azhar

I Smell A Rat
Part Six

Bear Necessities

Early May – Half Moon

The pack settles in at the Bufflehead's Roost, and gets an education in much more comfortable environs. About a week in, Geraldine takes the pack to see the great Sleeping Bear, the ancient spirit which gives the area its name. The slumbering goddess' bed is littered with other sleeping spirits, lulled by her resonance into torpor. Geraldine shows the cubs the locus, and how to claim the Essence that gathers in its presence. And when the pack is distracted she disappears.

Startled, the pack decides it's a test, and tries to figure it out. They finally decide she reached back across the Gauntlet, and find tracks and enough signs that they figure she returned to the Roost. Though they had come to the locus via the Hisil, they tracked back on foot through the Flesh world, when they stumbled across Geraldine haplessly breaking into a suburban garage.

The garage stood apart from the man home, and without missing a beat, the wolves slipped into to rescue Geraldine from her own incompetence. They spotted the cameras, an old VHS-based security system, and shuttled her out of their view, while Ky took over the lockpicks. Success was easy, and everyone slipped into the garage.

Signs had been visible from the exterior, but the Gauntlet inside the garage was in tatters, and the material side was in no better shape. A decades-old truck dominated the garage, its engine chewed apart and the pieces scattered across the floor. Underneath it, a nest of shredded insulation where some terrible smelling monster had lain. The pack soon found the way the creature had entered, through a gnawed hole in the most remote corner of the building, and where the creature must have exited, within the last day.

"Rat Host," Geraldine announced. The creatures had a lifecycle of rat shard, to hijacked human corpse, to human-rat hybrid, collapsing into a swarm of rats once again. The pack did not even wait to alert the Lodge, feeling the trail was too fresh to let cool. They took off after the trail, and soon found it led to a boat salvage yard in Glen Arbor, fenced into the shore it stood on. Cameras, healthy new ones, put the yard under the main house's eyes. JT found a convenient tree to climb, and turned aside the camera, as Ky worked the much more secure lock.

The house reeked of rat stink and death. It was an old two-story, up on stilts, surrounded by boat hulls and bins of recovered scrap and fiberglass. The pack formulated a plan: capture the creature in a net, kill it, and burn it before a shard could escape. They scrounged what they needed from the yard, and crept into the house.

Upstairs they heard a voice talking to itself, of some terrible lord it sought the favor of. An occasional thump could be heard as some small but heavy object was set down. The pack quietly advanced towards the staircase when someone knocked over a heavy piece of refuse, alerting the creature. With no time to loose, Isaac shifted up into gauru and thundered up the stairs, with the others in quick succession. The creature scampered into an adjoining room and tried to escape out a window.

The scuffle was short, and despite a desperate fight, the creature was subdued, and died under net and claw. Quickly and without much care, they doused the twitching carcass with gasoline, and set it alight. In the blaze, a few shards escaped, only to die at the claws of the vigilant pack, who remained they were sure all shards had perished. Satisfied, they fled back to the Roost.

Over the course of the next few weeks, they were awarded Renown for their successful hunt, and in turn each was inducted into their Tribe, swearing a vow before their patron Firstborn. Geraldine took Isaac to one of the Manitou Islands, and vowed to pay each spirit in kind to Death Wolf, who walked across the waters of Lake Michigan. She told him of a powerful spirit lying entombed beneath the streets of his home Detroit. JT accompanied Simon and Teddy as they returned to the Strait Arrow, where Red Wolf stood on the dock and discussed honoring his territory in all things. Ky was taken to the mus-rah of the Lodge of the Sleeping Bear, and swore before Mother Wolf and the assembled Hunters In Darkness to allow no sacred place in their territory be violated. The Hunters returned Ky to their Lodge and celebrated the initiation rites, and taking the pack as brethren under the Moon.

A Change of Speed, A Change of Style
Part Five

After the sojourn through the Shadow, the pack and its elders slept in the cabin. Isaac woke to the wet touch of a childlike hand, and looked into the face of one of Setting Quiet's child-forms. The words literally spilt from its bloated lips, "It's here, at the far side of the lake." It then dissolved back into the Shadow. Isaac woke up the others, telling them what he saw.

Azhar and Teddy decided to take a look, suspecting it as some big bad that haunted the interior of Michigan. Ky and Isaac came along, with the warning that, if they saw anything, just run. JT and Simon gathered the Wolf-blooded and started to decamp, on the chance that if this thing had found the lake, it might be looking for the cabin. Simon told the scouts to meet them back at the diner from the morning before.

A Change of Scene, With No Regrets

Late April – Crescent Moon

Azhar rode ahead on her motorcycle, while Teddy drove the cubs in the rental. This creature, he told them, was a werewolf's bogeyman. The People held Michigan's industrial south, and its remote Upper Peninsula, but Northern Michigan was mostly devoid of werewolves. Since the late Sixties, packs claiming territories in the area gave up shortly, disappeared, or ended up grisly remains. What Teddy understood was that there was some sort of giant monster that was easily the match of a full-strength pack, but no one had a good idea just what it was. He further theorized that the packs Amina had followed to the Lodge of the Wendigo might have been hunting it, and that maybe it tracked them back to Hay Lake.

It wasn't long before the hunters found the best place to search. A public recreation area, with a boat launch and nearby campgrounds, fit the description best. The werewolves split up, with Azhar and Teddy heading one direction, and Isaac and Ky the other. Shifting down into urhan, the two stalked into the still-heavy woods. Minutes later they found spoor of something large, huge gouges in the dirt like foot prints, and broken branches nearly 20 feet above. They followed the trail, past a cluster of campsites, to find another parking lot, packed with cars and boat trailers. They set eyes on a dark shape among the boats, watching as it lifted the prow up off its trailer, like it was looking at bugs under a rock. Ky and Isaac moved in for a closer look, but did so without any grace, and the beast spotted them immediately.

The creature dropped the boat back on its trailer, and leant into it to take a closer look at the interlopers. Two rows of orange lights shone, coursing down its shoulders like the straps of a backpack, and its body and face were twisted knots of steel. In a split second, it sidled out from between the boats, and started taking colossal strides towards the Uratha.

Ky and Isaac were already running and howling. They skirted the lake, hoping the undergrowth would slow down the monster, but it still closed in. The chase led back to the parking lot, where the colossus took a bad step and fell to the gravel. Teddy and Azhar emerged seconds later, and as they piled into the rental, Azhar fired her shotgun at the creature, startling it, maybe injuring it, before she climbed in too. Teddy punched the gas, and the car fishtailed out of the lot and up the road. A deep breath later, Azhar's abandoned bike came crashing and rolling just feet behind the car. The twists of the road soon hid the monster and the werewolves from one another.

The party took a short breather, once enough distance had been made. Teddy was excited, for this was the most that had been seen of the creature, that he knew of. Azhar seconded this, though she was preoccupied with her Harley's fate. Some ideas were tossed around, but the consensus settled on the creature being some sort of possessed vehicle. "The militia have a mech!" Ky (might have) said.

After a healthy wait, the crew returned on foot to the scene. Azhar hid her bike off the road to recover later, while the others retraced the trail. Although some tree spirits were coaxed into aiding their search, the trail grew cold at another access road that returned to the highway. Spent, the werewolves returned to town to find their friends at the diner.

The others listened, half-asleep, as the events were recounted. Simon agreed with the hunters' idea, that the thing was somehow a machine in nature. He also agreed with the idea that the whole group abandon the cabin, and head to the Lodge of the Sleeping Bear early. At least there they would have greater numbers, and the Lodge had seemed to avoid the wrath of this creature, if it was indeed the threat Teddy had suggested.

When dawn came, the crew first returned to the cabin, where every sign pointed to the beast having found it. The door had been splintered, and the roof partially collapsed, but the bramble binding the wendigo remained intact. Next stop was the rec area, to load Azhar's battered bike into JT's truck. With everything packed and ready, the motley crew drove northwest to find the Lodge of the Sleeping Bear.

A Chance To Watch, Admire The Distance

Late April to Early May - Crescent to Half Moon

Sleeping Bear Dunes and Glen Arbor - A convoy of well-used cars pulled into the lot of the Bufflehead's Roost, a cozy B&B right up the road from the national park. Eight bedraggled visitors filed into the too quaint, three-storey hostel, to meet Vikki DeLonge, one of the humble hosts. A bit surprised, she quickly got the visitors settled and assigned rooms, warning them that the only other guests were a honeymooning couple who "aren't quite like us." She then summons her wife Jill, and the two of them give them the lay of the land.

Bufflehead's Roost is a functioning bed and breakfast, but it serves primarily as a revenue source for the Lodge of the Sleeping Bear. Jill and Vikki look after the Roost, but most of the lodge's members work as rangers in the park during the day. The Lodge itself is sworn to win the alliance of the Sleeping Mother Bear, a powerful spirit enchanted to sleep until her cubs can be revived. The Lodge specifically wants her aid to fight the creature the pack believes they encountered. The new werewolves and their mentors are welcomed to stay until they can wrap up their initiation.

A few hours later, once the pack recovers from a week at the Cannibal's Cage, the pack visits the park, where the ranger station is. There they met Grady Anton, the leader of the Lodge. He greets them, and takes them on a driving tour of the park. Of primary interest, to him anyway, is what he calls the "sacred killing ground." Plenty of spirits end up on the lakeshore, attracted by the tourists, the Sleeping Bear, and the resonance of an ancient murderer's mass grave. He warned the cubs to treat every inch of the territory as sacred, and to be careful if they ever set foot on the holy killing ground, not just for its import, but for the traps and hazards as well.

Later that day Rick Amos and Geraldine Cass arrived. Rick is a Cahalith of the Blood Talons. He's friendly and talkative, but something of an instigator as well. He's small, and doesn't seem to be the warrior the others mean by "Blood Talon." Geraldine, on the other hand, is quiet and intense. She's tall and lean, and lives as a drifter in Ohio, hunting ghosts along the highway. Her auspice is Rahu, and her tribe is the Bone Shadows.

Over the course of the next week, the elder werewolves impart their wisdom. Isaac finds Simon and Geraldine to have the most useful knowledge. Ky and JT learn the ways of the Irraka from Teddy. JT spends a great deal of time with Simon as well, learning about the Iron Masters. Ky listens to everything and everyone.

Shooting, the Moon
Part Four

The New Guys

Late April – Crescent Moon

Zack takes some finesse and finagling to keep from bolting, and Azhar and Amina spend much of their time attending his grouchiness. Meanwhile, the others take advantage of the reprieve to explore a bit more freely. Ky scouts for hidey-holes in case things go south. JT goes for a jog, and narrowly escapes a conversation with one of the local militiamen and his spaniel Checkers. Isaac decides he'd like to drop a live rabbit down into the wendigo prison. While not the blood cataclysm the audience might have expected, Isaac still took the opportunity to expand his senses past their normal limits.

The next morning, visitors came. The wily werewolves snuck out the back door to stalk the intruders, while leaving a sleepy Azhar and a helpless-to-wake-her Amina behind in the cabin. The two men who approached turned out to be more Uratha, who had come at Azhar's request to help initiate the nusuzul into the People. Simon Theriault, a Iron Master Theurge and captain of the Strait Arrow, and Teddy Hunsaker, a Hunter In Darkness Irraka and Theriault's first mate, had come from the port in Traverse City. They took the pack to breakfast a local diner outside Banques, and laid out the Hisil, the spirits, and the Hosts, as some of the most dangerous obstacles to be reckoned with.

That night, Simon and Teddy took the pack on a field trip, and the newly-changed got their first close look at the Shadow. Simon offered a small red baseball cap to Setting Quiet, who opened the locus to the werewolves. The pack then swam out to the gate, down through it, and broke the surface again in a twisted reflection of the material world. After a moment to consider their environs, the group headed up toward the high ground. On their way, Simon decided to investigate the loud noises emanating from nearby. Guessing it was the reflection of the military camp, Teddy chose to sit out the side-trip, put off by the assumption that the loud repetitive cracks were made by weapon spirits. The rest went to see the spirits up close, and found the spiritual equivalent of a shooting range, where three gunmetal humanoids were performing a ritual not unlike a Maori haka or a Sumo shiko. Curious, Isaac approached the spirits, and uttered a greeting the spirits took as either a threat or an insult, souring the encounter.

The group continued up the hill, until they reached a clearing among the trees where stood pillars of moonlight. Simon began to howl for a long time. After a few minutes, a Lune appeared, a woman dressed in a long pale robe, and her face seemingly having been scooped out of her skull. At the elder werewolves request, she bestowed Luna's blessings. First, she turned to Isaac, extending her impossibly long fingers toward him, only to tear out strips of flesh from his shoulder. Silver fluid bubbled up in the wound, leaving a scar of swooping curves. She then turned to Ky and JT, and the light fled from her skin, and her head appeared to disappear entirely. She again gouged the flesh from her victims, though these wounds filled with inky blackness in tight curls. Having met her obligations to the assembled Uratha, she faded out of view, and the pack returned to the Flesh world.

Part Three

Down At The Lake

Late April 2017 – Crescent Moon

Lodge of the Wendigo – The wolves are coming out. Azhar breaks down Uratha culture into nice digestible bits. Werewolves are a thing. They're big bad killing machines, in case anyone was new to the legend, but they have a purpose to go along with it. The Sacred Hunt. The Oath of the Moon. The Forsaken and the Pure, their Tribes, and their spirit allies. Oh yeah, spirits! The Storm Lord gathers up her charges, and herds them down towards the lake.

The cove lurks out of view of the lake, where the water is dark and stagnant. The trees stoop low, and their roots twist up out of the mud and the water. With hushed tones, Azhar speaks a strange tongue, and despite its alien sounds, the meaning can be felt. Silently and without disturbing the water, three childlike figures rise out of the water. They look like waterlogged corpses, and when they speak, lake water spills from their mouths. Azhar greets the spirit, called Setting Quiet, and in honor of old bargains, offers it an article of clothing, in trade for use of the locus it sits on. Quiet accepts, and welcomes the strangers. It then begins to retreat beneath the murk. A curious Isaac escapes Azhar's notice, and creeps up to the water's edge.

As soon as his toe touches the water, three tiny hands seize his ankle and pull him into the water. As Isaac fights to keep his breath in the struggle, the face of one of Quiet's avatars emerges from the gloom in front of his own. "Change." The word breaks the last tether on the Wolf inside Isaac, and it tears through his skin and clothes, and bursts out of the lake, surprising the rest of the pack.

JT and Ky instinctively shield Amina, while Azhar scrambles to her feet, trying to stay ahead of the mad beast's teeth and claws. Still, she's no novice, and before long she has the nusuzul out of his rage. The pack returns to the cabin, for a few more lessons on what it means to be a werewolf.


Amina shares her story. A year ago or so, Amina was a promising high school student, getting good marks and staying out trouble as best as anyone could expect. Then, she witnessed what she now understands to be werewolf violence. Her life began to spiral after that. She couldn't concentrate in school, she fought with her family, and she fell in with a bad crowd. That crowd turned out to be the fringe members of a pack of the Pure, and they took her in. When her pack discovered her nose for the soon-to-change, they conscripted her to hunt for new recruits.

Whatever misgivings she had buried when she first joined up were unearthed when she witnessed what it meant to become Pure. She saw the cubs beaten and tortured, some of them having their skin flayed off repeatedly. When she was forced to hunt among the wreckage of the Marche Du Nain Rouge, she finally decided she had to get away.

She played along until she saw an opening, and made for territory believed to be held by a pack of Forsaken. She found a lone Wolf-Blooded member, named Jefferson, who told her where to find his pack, which had joined another in hunting some powerful prey. On her way out of Detroit, she felt the weight of her responsibility to warn the unsuspecting nusuzul she had alerted her former packmates to, and turned back. Three of the four she had discovered were with her now, but there was a fourth who distrusted her.


Fresh off of breaking in three new werewolves, the pack decided to track down the missing Wolf-Blooded. Azhar bound the others in a ritual, with a battered Teddy Ruxpin and an oath to hunt the lost cub. The pack members could feel their blood quickening, and everything took on a strange aspect as their senses searched for their prey. Azhar mounted her motorcycle, and the rest got in JT's truck, and they five of them rode back to Detroit.

Cub Reporter

March and April

The Marche is always a good time to catch Detroit's civic luminaries among the rabble, and Zach was making the most of it to squeeze whomever he could get on record. The spectacle of the parade made for a good distraction, as his subjects would let their guard down whenever a new float came into view. The quotes he scribbled down were rambling, true, but a confirmation here, or a lead there was worth their incoherence. Hearing a commotion, Zach looked up from his notebook—

A week later and Zach's nursing a hangover. He's no longer sure what's killing him: missing work, or the nightmares. He's hiding from both in a bar, and if his wife doesn't find him, so much the better. A young girl slips in unnoticed while the bartender is occupied, and slips him a phone number, before dashing out. He follows her out, and she asks him cryptic question about how he's feeling, and tells him to watch out. His phone rings, but he's no longer sure whether his editor's name in the caller ID is a mercy or his doom.

A good reporter doesn't make himself a part of the story, but he also gets the story. Zach's account of the Marche attack was disjointed and unusable, which displeased his editor Vic to no end. When Zach appeared in cellphone footage at the event, with a near-severed arm and what could only be described as monsters in pursuit, he didn't have much choice but to put Zach on the career suicide track. He gave the reporter a week to prove the video was tampered with, or to come up with an angle that kept the newspaper's name in good standing.

The video was blasted out to all local media, but other outlets had dismissed it as a hoax. Zach ran it by video analysts and computer geeks, and none of them could find clear evidence of manipulation. Zach tracked down the source of the video, a youTuber named Kevin McLeod who records a weekly conspiracy show called They're Real. Kevin's a true believer, but he's also and eager sort of skeevy, and manages to out his own source, a personal friend named Pedro.

His personal life is falling apart, and his wife Ellen goads him into a dinner date. Zach is on his way when he realizes he's being watched. It first manifests as a creepy sensation like a nearby construction pit was watching him, but then he notices a man following him at a distance. A confrontation occurs, but the other man deescalates it, and disappears into the night. Zach joins his wife at the restaurant, and the two argue over their marriage, the tape, and Zach's deteriorating state of mind. Ellen tells him she's going to stay with a friend for a little while, until he gets his issues sorted. He's more relieved than he will admit to her.

Through good old research, Zack locates Pedro, and the worst possible answer is confirmed: the video is authentic and unaltered. Pedro was at the Marche, he saw the whole thing, and he taped what he could until he had to flee. Defeated, he turns to drink, and returns to the bar, where a strange kid approaches him, with less guile than the girl before. He looks around and sees how packed the place is with strangers, and excuses himself in a hurry.

Outside, he sees the girl he met at the start of it all. She tells him he's a werewolf, that the strangers who followed him out of the bar are werewolves, and that worse werewolves are after him. The pack browbeats him into coming with them back to the Lodge of the Wendigo, and under grudging grudgey assent, he follows them.

The Harbinger
Part Two: Cheat Day

Bait and Switch

Late April 2017 – New Moon

Banques - "Hey man, nice truck!" The youngest of the local yokels walks on up to the pack, trying to strike up a convo with the visitors. Michiganders are friendly people, after all. No one's feeling particularly talkative, except for the boys hanging back, who heckle their more gregarious companion. Conversation's just not happening, and the local turns back to his friends.

But something is up. JT feels like he's been sprayed with poison oak, his skin itches and burns. Everyone feels a bit off. Amina hears something out in the deepening darkness. Ky's ears and jaws are buzzing. Isaac feels something he can't name. And then Amina catches sight of the rising new moon, a barely visible disc in the evening sky, and she turns to look at JT…

JT's irritation gives way to snapping and breaking of his bones. Isaac watches in rapt fascination as his friend's shoulders and neck twist and pop as muscles swell and flex out of nowhere, pulling JT into a new and imposing shape. Amina shouts "run" to the others, and she and Ky dash for the shop. A fury overwhelms JT, and in futility he tries to rip the door off his truck, then turns to raking newly grown claws through his seat cushions.

The commotion renews the attention of the three good old boys, and two of them cautiously advance on the beastly JT. "Are you OK?" The only answer is with snarls and gnashing teeth as the nusuzul lashes out at them. A claw rakes across the friendly one's chest, and in a fit of rising Lunacy, both men fire rounds into JT's now-massive chest, as his packmates watch from inside  the shop. 

JT staggers back for second, and loses the last sliver of his composure as the Death Rage breaks free. His already brutish form lurches and snaps, and a coat of fur sprouts from his rippling flesh. Two pathetic lead slugs fall from closing wounds in the monster's chest to the concrete. Without so much as a growl, the beast that was once JT leaps onto the more social of his prey, and scatters the mortal herd. The two remaining rednecks leap in their truck and peel out, and with no enemies to tempt his rage, the monster drags the broken corpse into the cornfield to savor its meal.

Inside, as the immediate danger seems to have passed, the remaining pack tries to figure out a plan. Khwaga, the cashier, admits although she has a connection to the People, her practical knowledge is minor. She erases the security video, and grabs some cleaner and a bucket from the mop closet. When a wolf pokes its bloody muzzle out of the cornfield, Khwaga tells the shaken JT to go in and clean up, and the get out and find the cabin. She promises to call her "Auntie" to come help the newly changed werewolf before he becomes an even greater danger.

The cabin is a musty, primitive shack hidden down an overgrown road. Signs dot its boundaries, declaring it a state-owned toxic hazard. Unsure, the pack inspects the immediate grounds, and find an outhouse, and a rack for drying meat, and a ravine filled with blackberry bushes. Ky picks the lock to gain entrance to the cabin, and finds a room barely furnished a futon and a pot-bellied iron stove. Picking the lock of an interior door, a room filled with books and scrolls, and a variety of odd bone fetishes adds to the creepy atmosphere. The pack sets a watch, but they survive the night without an incident.

THe next day, they explore the environs. Isaac and Amina make a trip to the lake, to get water for boiling, and find a cove where the water is murky and the trees are twisted. Judging this to be the toxic threat tainting the property, they move up the shore to fresher waters. Ky checks out the cabin's lot, finding little to interest her. JT jogs up the road, in hopes of finding a shop to stock the cabin's larder. He finds first the guarded gate of the Michigan Militia's local camp, gets eyeballed, and carries on, only to repeat the process on the way back from his successful hunt.

The next day, company arrives. A woman on a motorcycle appears, introduces herself as Azhar, and proceeds to lay it out on the line for the pack. Werewolves are a thing, yadda yadda yadda, and she's here to run the pups through orientation. Feeling themself, Ky does their best Steven Universe, and manages to unleash the wolf inside with perhaps the least destructive First Change ever witnessed, thanks to the presence of a fresh Half-Moon.


Into The Woods
Part One: Trails Converging

Marche du Nain Rouge

March 26th, 2017 – Waning Crescent

Cass Park, Detroit – Taunt the Red Dwarf, and chase him away for a year. That's what draws people to the park every year. It's a young tradition, meant to defeat an old foe. Families come for the spectacle, businesses come for the money, and the city's elites come to watch someone else take the blame for another year of Detroit's malaise. For a single day the fallen fortunes of the Motor City can be blamed on an evil spirit.

The crowds are thick, with people circulating around the park, the parade route, and every path into the festivities. No one pays any special attention to the jogger who decides to take his cooldown walking through the mobs. Nor do they see the street kid stealing an unguarded paper tray served from one of the food trucks. Either might as well be the guy stalking though the tents, looking at all the "weird Detroit" memorabilia. So many people, so many faces to forget.

They pass each other, unaware of how their fates will intersect. The jogger takes in the view, looking over a thousand heads and dozen balloons at Old Detroit's buildings. The urchin draws a pinch of their loot into their mouth, more concerned with the loitering security than with the colorful floats puttering down the closed streets. The med student, the one trying to figure out the voices in the back of his head, looks at the capering Red Dwarf, the Nain Rouge, and wonders exactly who is talking to him. Suddenly—

The Morning After

May 18th, 2017 – Waxing Crescent

A man names Isaac wakes up muddied and bedraggled. As he starts piecing together the circumstances that brought him here, two voices ring out from beyond the trees. He recognizes them as two of his packmates, Ky and JT. Packmates is a strange name for it, and the ramifications of what that means is not yet clear, but what is clear is that pack means something.

Ky and JT find Isaac easily. The tracks he left were not hard to follow. Both parties relate the events that led to this early morning jaunt. Excusing himself from a celebration, Isaac went outside for a breath of fresh air. Alone he was unprepared for the vision he saw of a terrible creature, shadowy and indistinct, except for the spines that covered its body. It did something, something twisted and unnatural enough to break Isaac's grip on his rage, sending him into kuruth, the Death Rage. Through some miracle, the rampaging beast that had been the newly minted ithaeur met nothing it could kill, but left a visible trail. His packmates would follow in due time, sent by the elders who had come to welcome the fledgling werewolves into the fold.


Late April 2017 – New Moon

It's getting late. JT is driving his truck down a back road. Isaac is riding shotgun, while the kids Ky and Amina are in the back. It's been hours of driving, but the trip is nearing its end. Finally JT sees the sign he's been waiting for: Welcome to Banques. 

Banques is a far cry from Detroit. It's tiny, isolated, and not much more than a few shops that may be little more than repurposed outbuildings. The only signs of life are a few good old boys swigging Schlitz in the gas station parking lot, and the lights inside the convenience store. Close to their destination, the travelers get out to stretch their legs and get their bearings.

Isaac fuels up the truck as JT and Isaac go inside to grab a few snacks and a map, as requested by Amina, the only one who has any clue to where they're going. Ky and the clerk strike up a conversation. The clerk is a young woman wearing a head covering, unexpected here in northern Michigan's farms and game preserves. She casually talks about how the "thing in Detroit" has made things a bit harder out here, indicating her hijab, although she seems to believe in the safety of her Lucite booth. With a hint of conspiracy, she lowers her voice and asks if Ky and company are "Grrrr!", while feigning an angry snarl and curling her fingers like claws. 

Outside JT rejoins Isaac while he finishes refueling. Amina is awake and limbering up, wearing her sunglasses even as the sky is darkening…

Gathering the Pack

Hello! Here's some housekeeping while we nail down the start date. Reply here with anything that isn't sensitive, and introduce yourself when you are ready.

Central Casting and Showtimes

I'm still trying to wrangle you all into one means of communication. Let me know what works best. I prefer the use of email for out-of-character stuff, so maybe PM me with the email you want to use. I'll probably get myself set up with an Ascendant account, so we can have forums and the like, but I'm waiting until I can see this is a sustainable campaign.

For the meantime, reply here with your preferred times and dates. I'd like to try to get started the second weekend in June (10th or 11th), probably from noon to 4, noon to 6. We can discuss July here too. We might see something of a hiatus after September, so I'd like to see about scheduling an extra session somewhere before then, if it works for everyone.

Wolves at the Door

The chronicle begins shortly after the characters have been inducted into their chosen tribe (if any), and they are created normally, but if you wish to keep some Merit dots fluid for a session or two, that's fine. Their shared history doesn't extend much further than their First Change, but should include the following tidbits:

  • Marche Du Nain Rouge: The character was present at this recent Detroit tradition, which takes place at the end of March every year. The Nain Rouge, or "Red Dwarf", is a local legend tied to the founding of Detroit and a harbinger of historic catastrophes. The Marche is a parade where the Nain Rouge is mocked, ridiculed, and defeated in ceremony. 
  • A Very Bad Month: For a month or two before your character's First Change, life became excruciating. Something was very much off for them, whether it was emotional, physical, spiritual, or more nebulous. Their lives were inundated with dread, or anxiety, or hedonism, and they acted out in whatever way they thought would ease these impulses.
  • Amina Powell: During the Very Bad Month, a teenager calling herself Amina encountered the character, and was able to give them some clarity. She could somehow sense the character's state of distress, and tried to sell you some tale of werewolf gangs hunting for people like you. Maybe it made sense, maybe your character chased her off, but for whatever reason, she finally convinced them to come with her to a safe place in Northern Michigan. She explained that she was a fugitive from "the Pure", that they were involved in "some Satanic shit", and when she had the opportunity to bolt, she took it. She had knowledge of some other "tribes of the Moon", and figured they might be the safest haven. By following her, your character was eventually inducted into the Forsaken.

Whether or not any of this means your character is tied to Detroit is up to you, and much of what I have planned simply occurs in the city's orbit. If and when the pack establishes a territory, where will be up to them.

You'll also pick a Tell from the Wolf-Blooded section. This is lost at the First Change, but it's important to your character's story. 

The other monster lines of the Chronicles of Darkness may or may not exist as described, so you'll probably want to steer clear of them as part of backstory.

Kith and Kin 

The rulebook suggests a larger pack creation process, with troupe-style play where players create and play multiple characters. If you guys want to incorporate that, we will, but auxiliary characters will probably be introduced after the first one or two chapters.


If there's anything you'd like to discuss about the Chronicles of Darkness rules, werewolf mechanics, or character creation, now's a great time to bring up the topic. I like to look for places I can simplify things on my end of things, but not at the cost of some dimension you might enjoy as a player. If you build your character with a focus in a subsystem (Investigation, Chase, Social Maneuvering, etc), be sure to let me know explicitly, so I know to include those without being too opaque.


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